First of all i have to clarify, me, Wong Ka Ying, is no Chairman or President of the Hong Kong Artist Union but one of the advocate at its founding stage. And i am the only name that has been exposed as the union member so far. All members of the union are anonymous and their identities are being protected.

This page serves as archive for the union and welcome for case reporting and inquiries for cooperation.

Hong Kong Artist Union is not an one-off art project though it was started with causal thoughts of establishing a close network and providing recreational services to Hong Kong artists. Now branches are developed within the union to handle different reported cases.

Since established at August 2016, the union has recruited over 300 members and 30 of them are core members, we do not function with committee system but with round table conference instead.

Our services included but not limited to fighting for artist welfare e.g. fair rates, information equilibrium, contract reviewing, voluntary legal consultation; legal and copyright education; freedom of speech in Hong Kong etc.

We also built connection with global artist unions and associations such as those in Berlin, London, New York, Belgium, Taiwan and Korea.

Artists are not free labor, we have to EAT and get PAID. We aim to tackle the corrupted world and fight for justice in creative and engaging ways. Please join us!

2019 Mar 2nd Legal Talk 藝術家權益講座
2019 Mar 1st Exhibition 【擊鼓鳴冤!Drum & Voice Out!】藝廟春祭 X 香港藝術家工會 Hong Kong Art Temple X Hong Kong Artist Union
2019 2nd Members Meeting
2018 Nov Writings on 文化論政 for Hong Kong Economic Journal & InMedia HK
2018 Oct Legal Talk 《藝術家齊搵食 之 講心講金要小心》講座
2018 Aug 2nd Anniversary
2017 Jan 1st Member Meeting; Core team formed
2016 Nov Conducted Survey of Candidates of ADC Committee Election 2016
2016 Aug Established

2019.04.09 Hong Kong Roundup (Art Agenda, New York)
2019.03.28 【那邊求財這邊拜神】ART BASEL以外 「藝廟春祭」借庫、拜神、打小人樣樣齊 (立場新聞, 香港)
2019.03.25 Hong Kong Art 是悶乎?(立場新聞, 香港)
2019.03.21 10 Exhibitions That Highlight Work by Hong Kong Artists During Art Week 2019 (COBO, Hong Kong)
2018.07.31 有關「香港藝術家工會」的一些思考 (香港視覺藝術年鑑 2017, 香港)
2018.05.11 【搞藝術都要食飯】藝術家工會發起人 黃嘉瀛:工會係一把雨傘 (香港01, 香港)
2016.10.24 誰需要工會? (明周文化, 香港)
2016.09.22 在賣炸雞與賣保險之間 藝術家工會發起人:要搵食呀大佬 (惟工新聞, 香港)
2016.08.12 藝術家起來吧! 黃嘉瀛:不是大名,更需要工會 (立場新聞, 香港)


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