Ain’t No Your Fortune, 2019

The participation of Wong Ka-Ying participated in "Man-made disaster:how patriarchy is ruining the planet"
is supported by
the Arts Development Fund of the Home Affairs Bureau, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Ain’t No Your Fortune, 2019
Single Channel Video, Laser-jet Color Print, Frames, Badges, Hand-painted Paperbox

Grueling, underpaid manual labour is one of the many ways the bodies of women serve the needs of the capitalist patriarchy. In this work, Wong Ka Ying playfully explores the yonic nature of the Fortune Cookie, an iconic factory-made token of our throwaway culture. Making the connection between planetary protection and fair treatment of workers the artist states: “changing our excessive shopping behavior, improving the trading environment and fighting for fair labour rights for women are crucial to saving our planet.”