Wong Ka Ying (b. 1990) is an artist and writer based in Hong Kong. She received her BFA degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2013. A keen observer of the art community and society, Wong critically reflects on the various social, cultural, and gender issues today through using a wide range of media, from polaroid photography, collage, screen printing, painting, performance to social media platform. In 2016, she formed the first female artist duo “COME INSIDE” with Hong Kong artist Mak Ying Tung as a way to attack the art world. 


2019     Group Exhibition "Man-made Disaster: Patriarchy & the planet", Protein Studios, London
2019     Group Exhibition【Drum & Voice Out!】Hong Kong Art Temple X Hong Kong Artist Union
2018     Group Exhibition "Why So Secret?", 480.0 Gender & Art Space, Hong Kong
2017     COME INSIDE Group Exhibition "In Search of Miss Ruthless" Para Site, Hong Kong
2017     Group Exhibition "The 6th Artists in the Neighborhood Scheme: No Neverland", Hong Kong Visual Art Centre, Hong Kong
2017     COME INSIDE Group Exhibition "Marching in Circles", Long March, Beijing
2017     COME INSIDE Solo Exhibition "COMEINSIDE: BABYSHOWER", Gallery Exit, Hong Kong
2017     COME INSIDE Solo Exhibition "COME INSIDE: EAT ME", Ping Pong 129, Hong Kong
2016     COME INSIDE at “Artists’ Film International”, Whitechapel Gallery, London, UK
2016     COME INSIDE Performance, "Autograph signings", OCAT, Shen Zhen, China
2016     “Encounters 2016 Bori Bunder: HK/Mumbai Art Exchange Program”, Mumbai, India
2016     Solo Exhibition “Grandma”, Pure Art Foundation, Hong Kong
2016     Group Exhibition "Fashion. I.D.”, Chi K11 Art Space, Hong Kong
2016     Joint Exhibition “Songs Without Words” @100ft. PARK, Hong Kong
2016     Solo Exhibition “I AM NO_ ASKING FOR IT” @ Sally Coco, Hong Kong
2015     Group Exhibition “After Some Serious Dinner Meetings”@100ft. PARK, Hong Kong
2015     Group Exhibition “Gender, Genitor, Genitalia – Rokudenashiko Tribute” @Wooferten, Hong Kong
2015     Solo Exhibition “I am such a fool and so do you.” @ EC Gallery, Hong Kong
2014     Group Exhibition ‘Cycling to the Square/ Pitt Street Riot’ @Gasthauszum Bären (Museum Bärengasse), Zurich
2014     C&G/ Asia Art Archive ‘Not as Trivial as you think- HK Art Quiz’ @ Art Basel HK 2014 , Hong Kong
2014     Group Exhibition “Sparkle! Collector Club 火花!收藏家學會”@Oi! (APO) , Hong Kong
2013     Graduation Show of The Art of CUHK 2013, Hong Kong